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Universal Unreal Credits


Note From MSuLL

I have come to enjoy the features of Universal Unreal very much since its first release. It has certainly come a long way from when I wrote the first line of code, and this project is a result of a lot of time and effort over a six month period of initial development. If you have also enjoyed the features of Universal Unreal, I would ask you to consider sending a donation via PayPal by clicking the 'Donation' button below. Call it a shameless plug for money, but in my defense I have tuition costs to cover and bills to pay :)

So if you can spare a dollar, euro, yen, krone, or otherwise, I'd appreciate it so very much.


Universal Unreal was developed by Matthew 'MSuLL' Sullivan, with much assistance and support from Daan 'Defrost' Scheerens, the creator of Nexgen, which enables the whole thing to run as it should. Additionally, many parts of Universal Unreal depend on large code segments and adaptations from Nexgen. Defrost, without your assistance Universal Unreal would not exist. Thank you so very much for all your work with this project.

Many other people have made important contributions to this project. See 'Copyright Notices' for more information.

Universal Unreal logo design by soOthing.rash aka low~tide.

Big Thanks To

Azazel and the entire team at UnrealAdmin.org for years of great support, and a forum from which to launch this new program.

|KOA|The_Dave and Slim_Shady for being right behind me every step of the way for all these years. When I ask for root access to your databases and web servers with no explanation, you two never ask questions. Thanks for the trust and support guys.

GF-REX, Crossy, Mr.Strangelove, Shatter, DeadlySin, Spongebob, SuB, and all the players of WhartHog's PigPen UT Server.

The players of the UT strangelove community and all the players and server admins of the following servers:
KOA Public Clan Server
KOA Private Clan Server
Fk Clan Server
WhartHog's PigPen
PsK Clan Server
IG Clan Server
NY Old Skool StrangeLove Server
OsL Clan Server
KOA Private Clan Server
UrS London Clan Server
UrS Amsterdam Clan Server
sYs StrangeLove Server

Epic Games for making this game. Creating a game that lasts over ten years and still thrives is not a small feat.

Copyright Notices

Universal Unreal's UT-based HTTP client was evolved from its original implementation in IpToCountry by Rush and AnthraX. Without their previous work with improving the UBrowserHTTPClient, I'm not sure if I would have ever got this program off the ground.

PHP authentication methods and session handling were created by Jpmaster77 a.k.a. The Grandmaster of C++ (GMC), from his project 'Login System v.2.0'.

HTTP special character encoding / decoding inspired by LinuxCharsetFix by AnthraX.

Voice notifications recorded from AT&T text-to-speech engine (voice: Mike).

Web layout and CSS from the 'rhuk_milkyway' template default to Joomla! 1.5.

SMTP mail functions performed by PHPMailer by Codeworx Technologies


This project is open source. However, the following restrictions apply:
You may not remove any credits listed on this page.
You may not remove or modify the PayPal donation button on this page.
You may not modify the link to the credits page on the bottom of every page.
You may not sell this code. All code for this project was created by those listed above from their own open source projects.


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