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About Universal Unreal

Description & Features

What is Universal Unreal?

Universal Unreal is a system by which players can better connect with each other for enhanced gameplay. Universal Unreal is a group, or 'Universe' of servers with a common player base. For example, UT Strangelove players and servers could make up a 'Universe'. By creating an account on this website, you can take full advantage of all the features of Universal Unreal, both in-game and online.

But enough with all that. The best way to tell you exactly what Universal Unreal does is to describe some of its primary features.

Features For Players

Buddy System
Get notified when a friend or clan member gets on a server that is part of the universe. From the website or in-game, get a quick overview of which buddies are online, and on which servers they are playing.

Intelligent Chat Commands
What if your buddy joins a different server than the one you are playing on, and you want to join up with him? Instead of taking the time to rummage through the UT menus and finding servers, imagine giving a short command and then being instantly be taken to a server without having to know its IP or even open the UT menus! What if you want to see a list of all players on a server, or find out what map is being played on a server? All this information can be presented to you instantly from inside the game! If you wish to see an extensive list of chat command features, head over to the Help & How To Use page.

Server To Server Messaging
Want to ask your buddy a quick question, but don't want to have to jump to another server to talk with them? Universal Unreal has the ability to bridge in-game private messages between servers!

And So Much More

We don't want to overwhelm you with pages and pages of what Universal Unreal has to offer. After all, we know you won't read it! But trust us, it's pretty dang cool.

So how do you get started? Sign up for an account! It takes just 30 seconds.

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