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Killerbee's Sniper Palace | Sponsored by ()mG Overtime!
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Killerbee's Gauntlet Monsterhunt | Sponsored by ()mG
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Killerbee's Operation Na Pali | Sponsored by ()mG
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24 Apr : 02:17

Posted by evilgrins
Just cleaning out some old stuff...
09 Apr : 10:36

Posted by evilgrins
There's been a MonsterHunt version made · https://[more ...]
15 Mar : 16:50

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()mG.BumbelBee aka Firedreams R.I.P.
Our former co-admin and my personal friend past away...

I met him once as a player, and he was known with all UT related things and php stuff.
He helped me out several times, with things for the servers of ()mG.
Otherwise i helped him with the setup of his servers in is hometown.
Also we met each other on our LAN party's

A few weeks ago i heard the news of his sister that he became sick and was in a coma
after two weeks he past away.

I always said him that we gonna play Deck16 some time... well friend u play now forever where u are.. now i hope so

thnx for all, u where a great person, and a real friend! cu later

Posted by Killerbee on Tuesday 24 May 2016 - 15:00:04 | Add/Read Comments: 4
┼ R.I.P. ()mG.Pizzi ┼
Sad news received me this evening...

Pizzi, plays forever his Tournament i hope m8 u have a good time there...

Our beloved admin Pizzi passed away on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 at approximately 1AM his local time (GMT+1). We are deeply saddened by this event and will miss him terribly as i heard he died peaceful when he slept.

Pizzi i met u due BlackCrack after u and he left the Alienclan and BlackCrack wanted me to take him in my Clan and after we talked and played a bit i made him Admin on my servers.
Due my leak of running the servers i quited the scene and Pizzi took care of hosting them this time not from my home but he rented a real rackserver cause he wanted to do it more then good
for the servers and his players. I was not much there anymore but i looked from the background and keeped an eye on it..

When we talked and the last time was long ago... he said "u may and can change what u wanted" the servers will be online as a statue to u... dammit never had such honnor for what
did u die.. i cant understand this.

Life can be so cruel.... i noticed it already but it hurts again deeply.

I wish all the people around him all th best, Pizzi thnx for keeping the dream alive u wont be forgotten.


see also

Posted by Killerbee on Thursday 25 September 2014 - 00:22:58 | Add/Read Comments: 6
support our mission
We Need Your Help

We are a non-profit organization completely supported by you, the members.
Our servers are run and owned by Killerbee.
We encourage every member to contribute to his server fund in any way that they can.
Since we do not have his servers or bandwidth donated we have to pay his bills every month to keep things going.
For those of you who can, we ask that you make a monetary contribution in whatever denomination you would like.
Every little bit counts.

Otherwise Killerbee is forced to sell his children!


Posted by Killerbee on Sunday 08 July 2012 - 00:06:30 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Universal Unreal
after two years and with an update of Lety Love from MHA its back online

For some that forgotten here some more info:

Universal Unreal is a system by which players can better connect with each other. If you are playing on a server that participates, Universal Unreal has the ability to notify you when one of your friends joins another server, even if you aren't playing on that server at that time! And that's only a fraction of what Universal Unreal can do.

sign up here:


I hope to cu in our universe.


Posted by Killerbee on Thursday 10 May 2012 - 22:05:39 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Guests: 1, Members: 0 ...

most ever online: 62
(Members: 0, Guests: 62) on 05 Dec : 15:01

Members: 54
Newest member: oyavergnin

Current: € 0
Target: € 35.97
Due Date: 30/04/2017

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bullet OmG.Fubar
12 Mar : 13:00
No worries ck :) It was directed at you just the monthly plea. Glad you got it Teo!
bullet ck
09 Mar : 05:22
I'm glad I could help! Btw, I used the Google Sound Search widget on my smartphone ;-)
bullet clownMasterteo
08 Mar : 18:14
ck it's that, you are my hero. Many, many thanks to you, and many many thanks to Fubar also ( he did not find it, but what's matter is that he tryed and so i'm nonetheless grateful )
bullet ck
06 Mar : 02:04
I'm embarrassed, but I really can not help with the server. For various reasons. I'm really sorry, I would love to donate something.
bullet ck
06 Mar : 02:02
Hey Teo,
check if it is this:
Trøste & Bære - Drita full før Drøbaksundet (Orginal)

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